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  • 17 NOV

    Furnace and Dryer Hose Warning

    Now that winter is almost upon us, it is very important to service your furnace and lint traps on your dryer. This year alone, more than half of the fires to which we have responded have been caused by homeowners failing to change their furnace filters or keeping combustible materials too near the ignition pilot components of their furnace. It is also important to check the flex hose or lint traps on your dryer for lint clogs. These simple maintenance procedures can prevent a devastating fire event that could be so easily avoided.
  • *Use metal dryer ducts, either solid or flexible
  • *Clean the duct regularly - if there is a film on the screen, you can wash it with soapy water and a brush
    • Clean all around the dryer (outside and in) where lint can potentially build up
    • Use caution drying clothes stained with chemicals such as gasoline, finishing oils…etc  Line drying might be better.
  • 16 NOV
    White House Restoration Fire and Water Restoration Services Award

    2013 Readers Choice Award Recipient

    Once again we were voted #1 for carpet cleaning by the Michiana public. Along with our outstanding reputation for services in the fire restoration and water restoration field we also offer a full line of other services, which incude upholstery and tile floor cleaning.
  • We are proud to serve Michaina, whether it's cleaning someone's dirty carpet or helping put a family's life back together after a devastating fire. For over 30 years, White House Restoration, has been here to serve!
  • 15 NOV
    • White House Restoration Flooring Services

    Brand New Hardwood Floor Technology from White House Restoration natus

    For the first time, it is now possible to restore the worst of hardwood floor damage at a fraction of the cost of previous methods.  White House restoration offers a brand new technology that allows "reverse cupping" to rectify hardwood floor damage that would previously require hours of sanding, masking off, replacement of damaged wood, staining and finishing.  This brand new method will save the insurance industry millions of dollars in the coming years.

    Our homeowners will be thrilled with the reduction in time necessary to get their house back to original condition.