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White House Restoration Services

1 Hour Response Time

Our 1 Hour and Under resposne time sets us apart from our competitors. Our immediate response time and action expidites the restoration time and gets you on you're way to getting your life back in order.

24 Hr Availability

Emergencies don't occur during standard business hours and neither should your restoration services. We have a 24 Hour Hot Line available that allows us to get started on your recovery!

Xactimate Estimation Software

We use the Insurance Industry approved, Xactimate Estimation Software, to give accurate, trusted, and honest estimates.

Insurance Companies

We'll work with you and your insurance company to get your life back in order as fast and seamless as possible. We'll do everything it takes to make your recovery as effortless as possible.

Fire Damage Restoration

White House Restoration Fire Damage Restoration Services offer an unmatched 1 Hour or Less Response Time. We work to prevent further damage to your home and personal property. Every minute counts in an emergency, don't hesitate to call!

Water Damage Restoration

Our Water Damage Restoration is designed to cover every aspect of Water Damage that may occur. From Emergency Extractions, to Complete Flooring Installation Services to Mold Remediation. Click to read our full services.

Storm Damage - Tree Removal

From floods, to downed trees, to home damage, we can cover your emergency damage. Storm damage occurs at random times of the day/night. Use our 24 Hour Emergency Number and we'll get started within the hour!

Emergency Water Extractions

We perform emergency water extractions to stop catastrphes from occuring within your home or business. Regardless of the cause, our services are designed to begin a responsive cleanup immediately, to reduce damage.

Content Cleaning & Inventory

At White House Restoration we make it a point to do the little things that will be required in the restoration process. This is why we at White House Restoration offer Content Cleaning and Inventrying services along with Climate Controlled Pack Out Facilities. This allows us to cover every aspect of your emergency to get your life back together!These services are insurmountable when Fire Damage or Water Damage occurs to a home or business. Don't hesitate to ask us about our services can help!

Complete Flooring Services

We can handle all of your flooring services, from start to finish! If you are tired of box stores, we have you covered! We can even arrange a special showing for you on your schedule at our showroom 7 Days a Week! We work around your family, Whether kids soccer practice, football games or your work schedule. We have a wide variety of flooring options available and can order most anything you would like. We carry Shaw, Mohawk, Armstrong, Balterio, just to name a few!

Mold Remediation

We strive to cover every aspect of home and building damage and one aspect that occurs in all damage is various forms of Mold. Our services are designed eliminate all moistures and perform structural drying to destroy the mold growing enviornment.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We built our White House Restoration brand from White House Carpet Cleaning Service. White House Carpet Cleaning is one of the top carpet ceaning and Tile Cleaning services in the Michiana area. Just another aspect of how we cover your emergencies.
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Our combination of services and contact times are designed to limit the damage and get you back on your way to having your life restored! We understand the complications, stress and headaches that accompany these types of events. It's why we at White House Restoration, believe in an immediate response to help limit the damage; then cover every aspect of the restoration process to get you back to what matters most! Our experience provides us with great relationships with area Insurance Companies and how the Insurance process works. We work with them to help get your life back in order! Give us a call today!
Emergency Services with slow response times are not what you need during an emergency. We at White House Restoration understand the value of an immediate response and fast, professional action! Our 1 HOUR and UNDER RESPONSE TIME is designed to help limit damage, which in turn expidites the restoration process. Most importantly, our 1 HOUR AND UNDER RESPONSE TIME means that you get your life ack together much quicker!
Our 24 Hour Emergency Phone Line is istrumental in limiting the damage that is brought on by your emergency. Emergencies don't go by a 9-5 schedule, neither should the services that help get you and your family, your business, and your lives, back together! No matter what time your emergency occurs, call us at (574) 309 4932, and we'll get started immediately!