Mold can be a concerning thing to have growing in your home. Microbial growth can not only negatively impact the indoor air quality of your home by making your loved ones ill, it may also have long lasting effects such as brain fog and infections or chronic allergic reactions such as unexplained rashes, burning eyes, coughing etc.

Partner with the company you can trust to handle it properly in accordance with Florida’s state rules and regulations on cleaning. Did you know that Indiana, like many states, does not have any regulations on how this should be cleaned or handled? That means any company can state they are cleaning or removing your mold with no repercussions for doing things improperly.

Trust the company who has a Florida licensed assessor and remediator on staff! We will come out and work with you to build a timeline of what may have caused the suspected growth as well as offer solutions to help prevent issues in the future. We partner with a third party assessor as well for projects over 10sqft. to attain their perspective and do post clearance testing so we can prove the efficacy of our remediation processes to make sure everything is done in accordance to current licensing standards to give you peace of mind.